Stefani Lineva

Stefani’s story

Stefani was a sweet daughter, sister , team player and friend with the brightest smile, contagious sense of humor and a voice of an angel. The sky was her limit and she reached it. She was very talented, beautiful, intelligent and had the biggest heart and warmest smile that would light up an entire room. Stefani lived to the fullest, as everyone was going 20 miles per hour she would be going 100 miles per hour. She was always ready to take on new challenges, whatever came her way. Her tennis achievements made her the youngest Women’s champion at the age of 13 at West Side Tennis Club, the most historical club of The United States where the US Open used to take place till 1978. She won the same tournament three times. She was top 20 player in The United States at the age of 12 and number 1 player of the Eastern section at ages 10,12 and 14 . Stefani collected over 50 trophies during her short career, many of them at National tournaments. She knew how to make the most of each match; win or lose. She knew she can always come back and dominate her matches. Everyone wanted to be her friends and she would welcome all with open arms .The memories we hold dear to us will be the ones where we got to spend time with Stefani, being able to laugh and cry with her. The love she had for her friends was the kind of sisterly love. Boy or girl you could trust her with your smallest secrets, the ones you would only keep to yourself. Most of all she loved her family, her mother, her grandmother and her little brother Daniel. Her aspiration to become a child psychiatrist would never be diminished, rather let us continue to follow our dreams in her memory.

Stefani was a true champion in tennis and in life. She traveled and lived life with the speed of lightning, alway eager to try new things and explore new places.
Fly beautiful Angel and keep spreading love and peace from the other part of the Universe!

Enjoy your journey in Heaven !

our vision

Stefaniforever20 envisions a world in which young people make wise and positive decisions that will protect their health and well being. Our goal is to inspire young people to achieve and remain maturity while keeping their young and creative minds FOREVER20.

When I was ten

I may be ten and quite a little man,
But when it comes to using my brain
I can be wiser than a spelling champ.

With the help of my magic antennas
I activate the thoughts in my mind,
And they fly away and reach the sky.
Then all stars turn into dreams come true.
And when the sun kisses the moon the sky splits in two and I know that I am part of this planet.
Climbing up the Milky Way I fall and stumble but determined ,because I Know what is waiting for me there –
Horizon blue and lavender heaven !

Daniel Linev
New York , New York 2017


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